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To discover Tuscany during your holidays check the events! There are plenty of Traditional Festivals, Gastronomic Festivals, Fairs and Markets, Exhibitions and Concerts. Every place is at easy distance, we will be pleased to help you to find the location with suggestions, directions, maps, etc.

   MARCH / APRIL  GREVE IN CHIANTI [Florence]Feast of Stagion Bona - 25 April The festival commemorates a popular uprising of the sixteenth century with a parade of costumed characters. Many stands from which you can taste delicious dishes of Chianti. FLORENCE Explosion of the cart - Easter Sunday morning April 1st, 2018 The wagon is transported by white oxen from Piazzale di Porta al Prato to the Duomo, is then combined with the wire that connects the tank to the main altar of the cathedral. Along this wire is installed a dove bearing an olive branch in its beak: this dove must slide along the wire towards the wagon with a burning fuse to ignite. If everything goes smoothly, this is a promise of a good year for Florence. POGGIBONSI [Siena]Feast of the patron San Lucchese with fireworks - April 28 San Lucchese  met with St. Francis of Assisi and he decided to live in his own way. S became blessed, and now his body rests in the basilica which  took his name  and for his feast day he is carried in procession. Stands with typical products.     MAY FIRENZEMaggio Musicale Fiorentino [Musical May in Florence] TOSCANACantine Aperte [Open cellars] - Last Sunday in MayWine producers open their cellars to the public. It is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the wines proposed, and also to sample typical traditional products and dishes. MASSA MARITTIMA [Grosseto] Balestro del Girifalco - 4th Sunday in MayMedieval Festival in honour of Saint Bernardino. Historical crossbow competition with parade in costume. MONTESPERTOLI [Firenze]Chianti Festival - From 30th May to 7th JuneTasting and sale of Chianti D.O.C.G. - Conferences and meetings -Gastronomic pavilions-Artistic exhibitions-Philatelic exhibition "Wine and Vineyard"-Folkloric spectacles-Sports manifestations.    JUNE SAN GIMIGNANO [Siena]Ferie delle Messi - 15th, 16th, 17th JuneHistorical re-evocation in the streets and squares of the town, with medieval stands, parades in costume and a knightly tournament called "Giostra dei Bastoni". PISAFesta di San Ranieri, Santo patrono di Pisa, Luminaria [Luminaria of S.Ranieri, Patron] - 16th-17th JuneLights Festival on the streets running along the river Arno. PISA Gioco del Ponte - Last Sunday in JuneHistorically event which consists of two distinct parts: the historical procession along the Arno river which is a huge military parade, and the battle, that takes place on the Ponte di Mezzo. AREZZOGiostra del Saracino - 3rd Saturday in JuneAncient game on horseback, with an impressive historical procession. FIRENZE - Festa di San Giovanni, Calcio storico in Costume [San Giovanni Feast, Medieval Football Matches & Fireworks] - 24th JuneFlorence celebrates this day with the lively medieval football matches played on Piazza di Sante Croce, ending with a fireworks display over Piazzale Michelangelo. FIRENZEMaggio Musicale Fiorentino [Musical May in Florence] COLLE VAL D'ELSA [Siena] - Sagra della Miseria - From 2nd Saturday to 3rd Sunday in JuneGastonomic Festival discovering the most typical and savoury plates of this area.    JULY:    SIENAPalio - 2nd July - Proceeded by trial races the two days before.Since 1147 historical secular horse race held in Piazza del Campo, connected with districts or contradas into which the town is divided. MONTERIGGIONI [Siena]Festa Medievale [Medieval Festival] - 1st and 2nd week-end in JulyRepresentation within the walls of scenes from medieval life. Stalls inspired by medieval crafts; musicians and figurants in costume move through the streets of the village. LUCCAFesta di San Paolino [S.Paolino Festival] - 12th JulyTorchlight parade and crossbow competition. CASOLE D'ELSA [Siena]Palio - 2nd Sunday in JulyAncient horse race with parade SAN GIMIGNANO [Siena]International festival of music and art - July and August CERTALDO ALTO [Firenze]Mercantia street Festival - All days in the 3rd week of JulyThe streets and the squares of the medieval town animate with artists, musicians, acrobats, artisans who practise their crafts producing works of art with iron, copper, ceramics, wood, and glass. PISTOIAGiostra dell’Orso [Bear Joust] - July 25thHeld in the Patron day. It is a re-evocation of the ancient "palio race". VINCI [Firenze]Volo di Cecco Santi [Vinci Fair] - Last Sunday in July.Fair with historic processions in costume, tournaments, exposition of local crafts and, of course, gastronomic stands.    AUGUST:    SAN GIMIGNANO [Siena]Classical music concerts and operasThe Accademia dei Leggieri, ancient theatrical association founded in the 16th century, organizes classical music concerts all summer long. SAN GIMIGNANO [Siena]Festival of thanksgiving from the people of San Gimignano to the city's patron saint - Santa FinaReligious festival -1st sunday of AugustFair -1st Monday of AugustFestival of Saint AugustineLiturgical Services in the Church of Sant'Agostino - August 28thSaint Augustine's Fair with stalls and stands - August 29th SIENAPalio - August 16thin honour of the Madonna dell'Assunta, proceeded by trial races the two days before. Since 1147 historical secular horse race held in Piazza del Campo, connected with districts or contradas into which the town is divided. TORRE DEL LAGO PUCCINI [Lucca]Puccini Festival - July-AugustOutdoor opera festival. Famous Festival of lyric music since 1930 following the Giacomo Puccini ‘s wishes. CORTONA [Arezzo]Sagra della Bistecca [Steak Festival] - August 15In a giant barbecue, steaks "alla fiorentina", rigorously of chianina meat race, are cooked as it wants the ancient Tuscan tradition. Stands with typical Tuscan products. MASSA MARITTIMA [Grosseto]Balestra del Girifalco - Second Sunday in AugustMedieval Festival. Historical crossbow competition with parade in costume MONTEPULCIANO [Siena]Bravio delle Botti [The race of the casks] - Last Sunday in AugustIt has its origins in the 14th century. Competition in medieval costumes.    SEPTEMBER:    COLLE VAL D'ELSA [Siena]Mostra del Cristallo [Crystal glass festival] - Last 15 days in September. The old part of the village Castello becomes a factory in open air with expert craftsmen attempting to the working of the crystal. Shops expose and sell crystal objects. FIRENZEFesta della Rificolona - 7th SeptemberFestivity of the florentine tradition with performers of all kind, especially dedicated to children. PIENZA [Siena]Fiera del cacio pecorino [Festival of pecorino cheese]  1st Sunday in SeptemberThe capital of pecorino cheese with perfumes and colours of its typical products. AREZZOGiostra del Saracino - 1st Sunday in SeptemberAncient game on horseback, with an historical procession. GREVE IN CHIANTI [Firenze]Market of Wine Chianti Classico - 2nd week in SeptemberIt takes place in the beautiful public square of Greve. Typical wine and products of this famous wine area. VOLTERRA [Pisa]Astiludio - 1st Sunday in SeptemberASTILUDIUM derives from the Medieval Latin hasta (flag) and ludus (game, festivities). The modern name ASTILUDIO is used today to denote a performance in which the ancient traditions of flag games are reenacted for the enjoyment of Volterrans and visitors alike. PIEVESCOLA [Siena]Porcino Mushroom's festival - 2nd and 3rd week end of September    OCTOBER:    MONTAIONE [Firenze]Chestnut and Truffle Festival - Last weekend in OctoberGastronomic Festival with typical products MONTALCINO [Siena]Sagra del Tordo [Festival of the thrush] - Last Sunday in OctoberThe festival recalls the hunting that it is carried out with the arc. Plates made up of game and local wine; dances and songs in traditional costume. MONTIERI [Siena]Sagra della Castagna [Chestnut Festival] - 2nd week-end in October CERTALDO ALTO [Firenze]Boccaccesca - 2nd week in OctoberGastonomic Festival in the village of Giovanni Boccaccio. MONTERIGGIONI [Siena]Festa d'autunno- Autumn festival - 1st Saturday and 1st Sunday in October Festival in honour of the grape picking. MENSANO [Siena]The Grape-picking festival - 1st week end of October ANTIQUE MARKETS: AREZZO - Piazza S. Francesco: 1st weekend every monthLUCCA - Via del Battistero: 3rd weekend every monthFIESOLE - Giardini pubblici di S. Francesco: 2nd Sunday every monthSIENA - Piazza del Mercato: 3rd Sunday every monthFIRENZE - Piazza dei Ciompi:Last Sunday every month GREVE IN CHIANTI - Piazza Giacomo Matteotti: Monday EasterMONTEPULCIANO - Piazza Grande: 2nd weekend every monthPISTOIA – Viale Pacinotti: 2nd weekend every monthFIRENZE - Fortezza Antiquaria - 3rd Weekend every month, Fortezza da Basso WEEKLY STREET MARKETS Monday: San Casciano Val di PesaTuesday : Poggibonsi, Peccioli, FirenzeWednesday: Siena, CertaldoThursday: San GimignanoFriday: Colle Val D'Elsa, PienzaSaturday: Greve in Chianti, Volterra

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