Pici all'aglione - Big spaghetti with garlic sauce

Pici all'aglione - Big spaghetti with garlic sauce

A typical first course  of the ancient Tuscan tradition  are the PICI  , a type of thick spaghetti  which can be cooked with garlic  red sauce or  with broccoli and breadcrumbs.













Serves 4 

Ingredients for pici:

250 gr soft wheat flour fine-ground 00

250 gr  hard wheat flour


warm water 

Stir flour with a little salt and water and knead until the dough is quite solid. 

Roll out the dough about an inch thick and then cut into strips.

Roll strips with hands to form big spaghetti.

Boil in salted water, strain and season.



8 garlic cloves

800 gr peeled tomatos or plum and cherry tomatoes

olive oil

Salt, pepper, grated pecorino cheese  

Finely chop garlic and sauté in olive oil on a low heat; add diced tomatoes, salt and pepper. 

Cook pici in this sauce for a few minutes and sprinkle with pecorino cheese.



800 gr broccoli


olive oil

garlic, chili pepper

In a pan sauté garlic cloves (crushed with their skeen) with oil and chili pepper; add broccoli and a little hot water and let it cook.

In another pan put crumbled bread with oil and toast; add salt and mix until bread is well browned , being careful not to let it stick to the bottom of the pan.

Cook pici in broccoli sauce for a few minutes and add toasted bread crumbs.


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