It is the typical example of Tuscan cuisine: great ingredients, simple cooking, right condiments to enhance and not to cover the taste of this cuisine which might seems basic but which is rich and refined inn the choice of raw materials and in cooking them in respect of their nature.

This particular dish, which is an absolute delight, is strictly connected to the building of the Brunelleschi‘s Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral in Florence,we speak of the early decades of the 1400s.

During the long works of the Dome the workers used to eat this dish. In the morning they put cuts of meat as beef muscle inside a jar with lots of pepper, cloves of garlic and red wine, and made it cook until lunchtime, then the peposo was pushed up on the scaffolding with winches eaten just there. The ingredients were few and simple, just marbled meat, which takes some time to be cooked but eventually turns out soft and juicy, black peppercorns and red wine.

It was cooked in the Tuscan terracotta  jars of Impruneta, the same terracotta which gave birth to the famous tiles of the Dome of Brunelleschi.

So we can say a little thanks to this simple but amazing dish. He also contributed in a small way to the construction of our Cathedral.

The following is our recipe.

INGREDIENTS  for 6 persons:

1 kg of  Beef ( shoulder, chuck)
Half a litre  of Chianti wine
5 cloves garlic with the skin
2-3 tomatoes
6 slices of homemade bread if you want
Salt and freshly  ground pepper sage and rosemary

Cut the beef into small cubes. Combine in a pot with the garlic, the wine, a heaping tablespoon of ground pepper and the aromatic herbs. Add the tomato chunks to the pot. Cover  and cook very slowly up to 2/3 hours if necessary until the meat is tender. 

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